Liberal Backfire: After Bullying Jackie Evancho For Singing At Trump’s Inauguration Her Christmas Album Skyrockets!

Liberals can’t win no matter what they do, especially when they try to bully 16 year old girls.

Liberals relentlessly attacked young singer Jackie Evancho after she accepted an invitation to sing the National Anthem at Trump’s inauguration.

Since that time, Jackie’s Christmas album SHOT to #1!

From TMZ:

Jackie Evancho is defying what seems to be conventional entertainment wisdom — that singing at Donald Trump‘s inauguration is career-threatening — because she just shot to #1 on the charts.

We’re told since the America’s Got Talent runner-up has signed on to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” on January 20th, her weekly album sales quadrupled in digital downloads and in retailer as well. In fact her album, “Someday at Christmas,” had to be restocked twice.
Jackie’s album jumped to #1 on the Billboard Classical Albums chart.

I am sure it was all the deplorable Trump supporters out there that made this happen! What do you think?

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